It won’t have escaped your notice that the energy climate has dramatically changed in the last 12 months and there are a number of political and economic factors driving this change. Energy costs are spiraling out of control increasing the cost of not only food, transportation and goods but almost every aspect of our society where energy is used. The creaking power grid is getting more costly, unreliable and harder to maintain. As Western countries who want energy independence, we want to dramatically cut our dependence on middle-Eastern oil.


Public safety where energy generation is concerned has been dramatically put back in focus with recent events at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan. An earthquake and subsequent tsunami sparked a series of explosions and fires resulting in damage to several of the reactors and ultimately leading to the release of radioactive material into the atmosphere. The resulting radioactive plume has made its way around the entire Northern hemisphere and the incident is now widely accepted as catastrophically worse than Chernobyl. In a nutshell, nuclear power has been shown to be far too dangerous.

Deepwater Horizon

OnApril 20th, 2010 The Deepwater Horizon oil platform off the Louisiana Coast suffered a catastrophic explosion  which ultimately led to the spilling of 12,000-19,000 barrels of oil per day. The leak continued for 88 days poisoning hundreds of square kilometers of marine environment and destroying the livelihoods and economy of tens of thousands of people. Like Fukushima, the health, economic and environmental consequences of the spill will be felt for many years to come.

Where to now?

The answer is refreshingly simple.  We already have new primary energy sources being commercialized at this moment and many are nearing or in the latter stages of development. We are on the verge of an energy revolution.

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